The Bungler in Chief

April 1, 2011

It would be almost comical to watch Pres. Barack Hussein Obama’s decisive indecision if it weren’t for the fact that he is President Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps an argument could be made that Obama was a good senator, or even an exceptional community organizer. Perhaps some may consider his skills in reaching consensus and voting on important issues laudable. The fly in the ointment is that these are not the skills we need in a leader of the free world.

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The current firestorm in the Middle East may prove to be Mr. Obama’s foreign-policy downfall. We have heard it said in many places how he left the Iranian protesters to their own devices, chooses to do nothing in Syria, however, chooses to use military force in Libya. As pointed out by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the situations are different. This is undoubtedly true, and perhaps it is again Our Nation’s best interest to stay out of Syria and Iran in this situation.

If actions are telling however, Obama must have certainly been on the fence about Libya. Firstly, he waited over two weeks to act. We are told the story that he needed to develop an international consensus. Again, this is a great skill for community organizer. I am sure we would all like to see him use some of his community organizing skills on The Congress instead of The UN, considering he is the President of the United States not the President of the United Nations. If one agrees that we should have inserted our influence in the Libyan situation, why did we wait until the rebels were nearly defeated? Secondly, please, Mr. Pres., tell us if our goal on no fly zone or is our goal to get rid of Gaddafi? Mr. Pres., you continually repeats the phrase that Qaddafi must go, so what are you planning to do to make sure that happens? Your goal may be difficult when you swore there would be no troops on the ground… oh, wait… there our troops on the ground. The White House admits that we do have the CIA operatives in place, admittedly to gather intelligence on Gaddafi’s forces and to find out more about the rebels.

Find out more about the rebels? Are we are being told that we are militarily assisting people that we know nothing about? To include considering arming them? Perhaps Pres. Obama should have spent a little more time with his history books. If he had, he only needs to look back 30 years to Afghanistan. The same Afghanistan that we are bogged down in now. Why are we bogged down in Afghanistan? Because 30 years ago Pres. Ronald Reagan decided to assist some rebels called the Taliban. Even to the point in which our CIA decided to assist a young lad by the name of Osama bin Laden to set up a rebel training camp. Mr. Obama may also read about some of the trials and tribulations of Pres. Johnson. How Pres. Johnson was indecisive in going into another little country called Vietnam. My how history does repeat.

If you add into this, Mr. Obama’s lackadaisical attitude towards attacking another country by enjoying his lovely time on the beaches of Rio while we began killing people, it could be considered almost comical. If people weren’t dying.

What are his plans if the rebels fail, as it seems is happening at this time? Will he renege on his promise not to have “boots on the ground”? Or will he was his hands of the situation and blame it on NATO? It seems that this might be his strategy. His strategy might even be to hope the rebels fail as a twisted way to show the rest of the Arab World that they should give up on these fruitless attempts for “revolution”, and maintain a semi-stable Middle East. In addition, these foreign policy problems do get in the way of his vacation schedule.

It might be nice if Pres. Obama decided to pay a little more attention to his job and perhaps sacrifice a few strokes on the back nine.

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