Guest post by HH

I was going to write this as an introduction and an explanation of how I went from liberal democrat to conservtive unrepresented. No matter how I tried to tell the story it ended up being long winded and boring so, I decided to keep it short and sweet. It all boils down to learning to take responsibility for myself.

The Jeff High Democrat.

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I was always told that I would become conservative when I got some money. Well, I have never had money. I still don’t have money. I was also told that I would eventually grow up. That’s a very condescending thing to tell someone that is 24 and educated. The truth is, I bore it all out by logic. A phrase I had been spouting all through the Bush administration finally caught up to me. “No people are conquered by force.” I still believe that. They can be conquered by bribery.
Suddenly the Iraq war didn’t bother me as much. Suddenly the war was on my own doorstep. We liberals were being bribed, and brainwashed. We were being told that if we can’t do something, we can rely on the government to do it for us. We were being conquered. Our self worth. Our confidence. Eventually our ability to stand up. We were the frogs in the frying pan and it wasn’t conservatives that were turning up the heat. It was us.

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